• Highlighter for Salesforce

    Highlighter for Salesforce

    Highlight virtually any field or button on a page using conditional formatting. As well, dynamically rename, hide or disable buttons on your page layout. Use your imagination and mold the Salesforce.com UI to your process!

  • We've been looking for this functionality for some time... 

    Easy to use with fast and helpful support...

    - Paul M.

    Works well. Installation was a breeze ... I recommend this app for anyone to keep in their Salesforce toolbox.

    - Howard I.

    ...Highlight fields or buttons, with certain criteria if required.

    I think a lot of people would love this as standard functionality!!

    - Phil W. (Salesforce MVP)

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  • Highlighter for Salesforce

    Encourage the right process and highlight important elements on most Salesforce.com records.

    Highlighter for Salesforce

    Mold the Salesforce.com UI!

    • Conditional formatting
    • Dynamically rename
    • Hide, rename, disable buttons

    Highlighter for Salesforce
    • Contextual highlighting
    • Unlimited Actions available
    • Standard or Custom fields + buttons
    Highlighter for Salesforce

    Encourage the right process

    • Bring attention to important fields
    • Color fields to streamline a sales process

    • Hide or disable buttons

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    Highlight fields and buttons in Salesforce!


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